WMF 0792109510 Safety Valve

September 1, 2021 0 Comments

Price: $14.50
(as of Sep 01,2021 22:37:56 UTC – Details)

WMF Safety Valve is a spare part for the old pressure cooker model fits 18/22 cm “Perfect”, 22 cm “Perfect M” and 22 cm “Ideal”.The pressure cooker with the nip in the handle. Sometimes, a work of art can only result from exquisite ingredients when you give yourself a lot of time. But sometimes, with cooking, things can’t go fast enough. With the WMF pressure cookers, you save not only time in this case but also a lot of energy. And that preserves vitamins and is gentle on the nerves.

Diameter: 22 cm
Material: silicone
Brand: WMF

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