Merrian Living Sectional Couch Connectors, Snap Couch Clips, 2 pcs Pack, Furniture Connectors with Screws.

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Price: $14.99
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Product Description

Merrian Living sectional connector snapMerrian Living sectional connector snap

Sectional Couch Connectors

Keep sectional couchs from moving apartKeep sectional couchs from moving apart

Keep sectionals From Moving Apart!

The crocodile teenth design tightly bites the opsite triangle bolt and connects the sections closely.Rustproof keeps the connectors shinging durably.Make of Sturdy steel with heavy duty.Rotatable design makes it easy to mate.

Stay Together Closely

Stay TogetherStay Together

Connect Sectional Couchs Together

Keep sectionals from moving apart and stay the sections where they should be, keep everything in order, no sliding no mess any more!

2 connectors with 20 screws2 connectors with 20 screws


Material & Style

Made of Steel

Crocodile Teeth Design

Dimension & Package


6.20 * 2.04 * 0.16 In


0.62 Pounds


2 Sectional Connectors20 Screws


Sturdy steel made

Sturdy steel made provides super heavty duty.Hight material built with high durability.Rustproof and shining surface.

Easy to Install

Rotatable to adjust direction for easy connection.Crocodile teeth design with super tight connection.

Replacement Part Universal for most sectional furniture connected together
Crocodile teeth alike design to gear for an appropriate tightness for sectional couch
Solid metal material made, sturdy, durable, heavy duty and secure mount.
Easy and quick to install, compatible with most brands sofas.

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