House2Home 27″ Couch Spring Repair Kit to Fix Sofa Support for Sagging Cushions – Includes 4pk of Springs, Upholstery Spring Clips, Seat Spring Stay Wire, and Installation Instructions

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Product Description

upholstery supplies couch furniture springs cambric tack strip flexibleupholstery supplies couch furniture springs cambric tack strip flexible

House2Home was born from the idea of taking commercial grade high quality materials typically only offered to manufacturers in high end furniture and providing them to the general public. With years of experience in the Upholstery industry we have the knowledge and expertise to help guide you to success in any project.

The name House2Home was inspired while reading in a journal from my family in the late 1800’s. As you can imagine access to furniture, home decor or other furnishings was sparse. Several times it was mentioned how they would craft, create, or grow things that would help their “house feel like home”. We believe in transformation, creating a space at home that is your’s, where you can relax from the stresses from the day.

It is our mission to offer the best materials available!

We are excited to take this journey in making your House a Home!

upholstery supplies furniture couch sofa springs flexible tack strip dust cover cambricupholstery supplies furniture couch sofa springs flexible tack strip dust cover cambric

Why Choose House2Home?

*We have years of Upholstery experience. We are standing by to help you through your project!

*We provide the highest quality components. The same materials that go into high end furniture.

*Most of our products comes with step by step instructions with drawings to help guide you during installation!

FIX SAGGING CUSHIONS – Our couch spring repair kit includes all the parts you need to build a new chair or fix that sagging couch support
COUCH REPAIR KIT – Includes 4 no sag couch springs, 12 upholstery spring clips, 20 feet of seat spring stay wire, 20 stay wire clips, and step-by-step instructions for installation (screws are not included)
INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED – We know that it can be intimidating to make a couch repair. That is why we have put together step by step instructions to help you use your sofa repair kit
8 GAUGE SPRINGS – Made from 8 gauge wire, these springs are the industry standard when it comes to furniture seats. They are used to build the seat platform in many different sofas, chairs, recliners, dining chairs, and even automotive seats
27″ LENGTH – The sofa replacement springs measure 27″ long and are 2″ wide. The loops are spaced 1″ apart which allow for great comfort and support. The springs can be cut to shorter lengths if needed by using a set of bolt cutters

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